Outdoor Portraiture

  • We can do this at a place and time of your preference.

  • Golden hour and off camera flash is a favorite!  Natural Light works too!

  • These are some examples:

How can you book a session?
  • Please send us an e-mail and let us know what you have in mind

  • Refer to the cost section to help you decide how much time you would like to book

  • We will draft a contract and send it to you for your approval

  • One hour minimum: $199

  • Full rights to 25 pictures (you get to choose your favorites from approximately 75-100 pictures).  Additional pictures at $1 each.

    • Our pictures are high resolution and enhanced in Lightroom.

  • Photoshop re-touching per request at $25/picture

  • Additional time pro-rated at $69/hr and additional pictures pro-rated at 25pictures per hour.


  • Full gallery of pictures is delivered via pic-time.  14 days after the session (unless otherwise defined in the contract) Please follow this link for an example.  Note: Use access code 12345