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Wedding Photography: David & Jennifer

August  7, 2021

We had the tremendous privilege of capturing photo and video for this lovely couple.  


Guests enjoyed the setting at the elegant Whitehall hotel in Downtown Houston, it was a treat indeed.

The day flew by as bride and groom prepared to be ready.  The expectation grew as the guests started arriving for the ceremony.


We all enjoyed a beautiful marriage talk, rich in scriptural content and good counsel for all in the audience, particularly those of us married.

This beautiful shot was captured at the atrium of the hotel.

David and Jennifer exchanging the rings, congratulations!

Entertainment at the reception was provided by a mariachi band. Here we see the family of the groom.   For those of us that grew up with mariachis playing on our special occasions, having a mariachi really gives us the goose bumps.

Producing the video below indeed watered our eyes a few times, it was a very emotional wedding.

My wife and I brought back memories from our very own wedding.

The day was full of emotions.


The realization of a new life starting and the presence and support of those who have loved us dearly through our early years is indeed heart warming.

This shot was captured at the elegant spiral staircase of the hotel, we love the joy of the newly weds reflected in their faces

The family of the bride.

Thank you Jennifer and David for trusting us with capturing your memories of this special day!


More details of the wedding coming soon....


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