Our Wedding Day

Client Meeting
  • Every wedding is unique and special, for two unique and special people commit to live their lives for each other, forever!  It is our joy as photographers to be there and record such special occasion.  

  • Pictures have the ability to bring us back in time to re-live those special moments. The expectation, the joy and the memories of family and friends that were there for us.  It also shows our future generations how we did things in our days.

  • In this first meeting (on line or in person) we get to know each other. We want to understand your expectations so we can plan accordingly for success.  A review of a typical wedding day would help determine any preferences and what we should focus on.

         Click here for a list of typical pictures taken

  • If working with a Wedding Planner or Coordinator, this will be also a great opportunity to understand the schedule and arrangements

  • From this meeting, a contract will be drafted and sent for your approval.

The great day
  • Our commitment is to be there for you.  We arrive one hour prior to the agreed starting time, so we can familiarize ourselves with the venue and help decide the best location for the portraits.

  • By doing so,we can also take care of any special requests or last minute changes.  

  • As you enjoy your day, we will provide a collection of candid, posed and artistic shots, according to your preferences as defined in our first meeting.


  • Full gallery of pictures is delivered via pic-time.  14 days after the wedding (unless otherwise defined in the contract) Please follow this link for an example.  Note: Use access code 12345

  • Budget package:  $600

    • Includes 4 hours coverage and full rights to 100 pictures (you get to choose your favorites from approximately 400 pictures).  Additional pictures at $1 each.

    • Our pictures are high resolution and enhanced in Lightroom.

    • Photoshop re-touching per request at $25/picture

  • Intermediate Package:  $900

    • Includes 7 hours​ coverage and full rights to 200 pictures (you get to choose your favorites from approximately 700 pictures. 

    • Additional pictures at $1 each.

    • Our pictures are high resolution and enhanced in Lightroom.

    • Photoshop re-touching per request at $25/picture

    • A 3-5 min highlights video, for example:

  • Luxury package: $1,400

    • Includes up to 11 hours coverage

    • Full rights for up to 400 pictures

    • Additional pictures at $1 each

    • Our pictures are high resolution and edited in Lightroom

    • A 3-5 min highlights video as shown above

    • 10 Photoshop re-touched pictures of your choice (A $250 value!)

    • 3 Photoshop composites.  ($60 each, a $180 value!) Examples:

Would you like us to be part of your day?
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