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Wisal Samantha
12th Birthday

On May 27th, 2023 we celebrated "Sammy"'s 12th birthday.  It was an awesome day filled with fun.  We started with a photo studio session of Sammy as Hatsune Miku.  For those of you that may not know (certainly in Luigi Photography we did not know), Hatsune is a vocaloid, she lives in the cyberspace and can play and sing music and lyrics composed by pretty much anyone.

This is one of the shots of Hatsune Miku:

After this, we accompanied Sammy, her mom Kristine and friends and family to the celebration at the Altitude Trampoline Park in Spring, Texas.  This is a shot of those in attendance.


Now let us enjoy the video of her party, so much fun!  Congratulations Sammy, we hope to see you next year! Many thanks to Kristine, her mom for her great efforts making this a special day, it was a success!

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